About Me 1: My Daily Essentials

It’s the WEEKEND!! hope you are all having an ace start to it – and if you’re not, perhaps reading my post will put you in a better  mood? I am sharing the things I can’t possible do without on a daily basis, they are essential to getting me through the day and getting jobs done.          Right let’s get into the post: first this – Tea no surprise here!  It’s the first thing that pass my lips and most nights the last. I am currently trying out Tetley Kenyan Gold blend as my morning pick me up, 2 days in and I think it’s not bad. Perhaps my proudest achievement thus far is having a tea cupboard –  maybe one day I’ll share some behind the scenes shots of my every growing tea and tea wear collection. I have a number of different types throughout the day, especially if I am home, but I am known to carry a stack around with me (don’t judge me).             Notebook and Phone  These go with me everywhere,  e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e my notebooks are an extension of my phone and my phone an extension of my notebooks. They … Continue reading About Me 1: My Daily Essentials