Frequently Asked Questions

You teach cooking and nutrition workshops? Can I take a class?

Yes. I would love you to! I have taught many individuals to cook delicious meals from scratch (shopping thorough to meal prep). Workshops on a variety of nutrition topics from weaning/toddler nutrition to healthy aging. Please drop me a line if you’d like more information, or if you’d like me to teach in your town or your home.

Wait, you’ll come cook in my home? 

YES. I offer a bespoke service for one-to-one or groups of up to 8. So, for a private KitchenTakeovers themed session, just drop me a line or two I would be honored to cook with you.

Can you create recipes that cater to a particular health need? 

Why, yes I do. If you are after recipes free from the 14 food allergens  this is certainly something I cater for, as you will have noticed from the recipes already on the blog. I also have the added advantage in that I have a severe dairy intolerance, added bonus is that I give good vegan. I have also had recipes published in Coeliac UK magazine. 

Where can I book a session with you?

Right HERE, just fill in the contact form.

Can I share a link to your site?

Of course you can, if you have found a post interesting or have been inspired to recreate a dish you found here, then please do. I only ask that you give me a heads up of your intentions and always link back and give credit.

Who takes the photographs for KitchenTakeovers?

Except where stated, all food styling and images/videos are created by me.

Can I use one of your photos on my site or in my magazine, etc?

If you missed the policy for this outlined in photo and recipe sharing policy, just to reiterate. The contents of this site are protected by copyright in its entirety. Please do not use anything without my permission. Please ask first.

Do you offer Nutrition consultations?

Yes. I do these primarily on an individual basis, however, I can offer tailored healthy eating family centered consultations also.

Why are you not Vegan anymore?

Well, now there’s a loaded question! put very simply, I fancied a change and travelling with a severe dairy intolerance and being vegan just wasn’t cutting it. Though my current diet is very much vegan orientated. If you would like an expounded version on my ‘vegan backsliding’ drop me a line, if I have time I’ll get back to you.

Where did you get your credentials?

well if you must know, here are the relevant ones:

The University of Surrey – Nutrition Degree

The Teacher Trainer –  Teaching  Certificate

The British School of Yoga – Nutrition Therapy, Anatomy & Physiology diploma (s)

There really are too many others, but I don’t think you are actually interested in those. Heck, if you are, just drop me a line.

Why have you not replied to my comment/email?

I do endeavour to response to every comment, please forgive my oversight, sometimes it is easy to miss comments when I get busy. But do know that I appreciate your interaction with the posts and KitchenTakeovers community.

Why have you not published my comment? 

If your comment was political, religious, racial or generally rude in nature. That might be the reason, please do not post comments that are offensive to other users or myself. Think before you post, if it is something you wouldn’t or couldn’t say if we were facing each other over a cup of tea, DON’T post it. This site is a public space, but not here for you to air your discontents.

Why did you delete my comment? 

I reserve the right to delete hurtful or hate speech posted here, mainly because I pay for the site up keep and I have a duty to my readers to make this little community a welcoming and positive place to be.